AndE Mamma is an Eco-Social Business Organization with a Great Dream of Transforming Ethiopians’ and Africans’ low Human Development Index to greater than 0.8. AndE Mamma continually creates and implements projects that empower millions of struggling Mammas (mothers with daily income below $2) all over Africa while caring for the environment.


Transforming Ethiopians’ and Africans’ low Human Development Index to greater than 0.8 (Long and healthy life, Knowledge and a decent standard of living). Becoming one of the top 10 brands in the world.


Creating sustainable huge markets for mammas.

Manufacturing eco-friendly and innovative goods and services.
Empowering mammas through creation of networks of empowered mammas who will inspire engagement of more mammas.
Cultivating the marvelous human mind creative, constructive and independent thinking capabilities of mammas through mentorship, coaching, experience sharing and circular learning.
Tapping into the abundance of Market and Money through continuous expression of The Spirit of Mamma’s Love, Daily Gratitude and Daily Focused Prayers.
Service Excellence
Community Empowerment
Sustainable Environment
Individual Dreams and Embracing Vision 



Community Empowerment

Sustainable Environment

Our Partners

The Spirit of Mamma’s

Love Project

The project has key pillars of empowering 1,050 mothers (daily income below $2 a day) through engaging them as marketing ambassadors and handcrafting artisans and more than 1000 janitors engaging them as used paper collectors, caring for the environment by minimizing the environmental footprint of the paper industry, and boosting the economy through substitution of used paper imports, the substitution of paper reel imports, increasing production of paper in the existing more than seven paper recycling industries, handcrafting used paper decorative basketry and bowls and creating new local and export economy.