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The Spirit of Mamma’s Love Project

Get our “used paper collection Service” through The spiri of Mamma’s love project to your organization/institution which has key pillars of empowering 1,050 mothers (daily income below $2 a day) through engaging them as marketing ambassadors and handcrafting artisans and more than 10000 janitors engaging them as used paper collectors, caring for the environment by minimizing the environmental footprint of the paper industry, and boosting the economy through substitution of used paper imports, the substitution of paper reel imports, increasing production of paper in the existing more than seven paper recycling industries, handcrafting used paper decorative and promotional products to create a new local and export economy. 

Our Services

Collection of Used Paper for Upcycling and Recycling

We collect a wide range of used paper, including bidding documents, design documents, study reports, over issued newspapers, over issued magazines, corrugated cartoons, and cards. We also ensure that sensitive and confidential information is handled securely.

Document Destruction Service

We understand that document destruction is an essential aspect of legal compliance, maintaining customer confidence, and protecting employees. That's why we offer document destruction services to help you achieve these objectives. Our services are also cost and time-saving, helping you manage used paper storage and clean the environment.

Secure Document Destruction

Services for Sensitive Documents

Regularly Document Destruction

Ensure secure disposal of sensitive documents with our reliable shredding


One-Time Document Destruction

Dispose of confidential documents with our convenient and secure one-time shredding service.