State Minister of Women and Social Affairs visited our AndE Mamma.

H.E W/ro Alemitu Omod, State Minister of Women and Social Affairs, and H.E W/ro Enatalem Melese, Director General of Addis Ababa Social Trust Fund, both visited our AndE Mamma.

We are pleased with your visit to our empowered mamma’s and discussed revolutionary action plans for accomplishing our objectives.

The State Minister praised AndE Mamma’s Community Empowerment for its initial initiative, which laid the path for further deepening the economic transformation of the empowered Mamma’s. Ways to further enhance our partnership to achieve the desired aim were also suggested.

The General Director stated her expectation that AndE Mamma will contribute to community empowerment and sustainability. Furthermore, she discusses the approaches we must take to alter the capability.

AndE Mamma, the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs, and the Addis Ababa Social Trust Fund have been supportive and sympathetic of the project’s goals ever since its inception.

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